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Visiting museums and perusing National Geographic magazines as a child created some of Monica Wiesblott’s earliest memories; the allure of far off places. Born in Los Angeles, by the age of seven she was handed a 110 camera and so began the journey into image-making. Inspired by the work of social documentary photographers, Monica realized that recording culture is what fueled her passion and set her wandering. In 1992 Ms. Wiesblott was selected as a delegate to represent the United States in China, for a conference on Motism. On returning to the US, Monica worked on various volunteer education projects with homeless shelters in Santa Barbara, teaching photography to children. These included “Shooting Back” with Jim Hubbard and pairing with Konica to develop a photography program that could be taught in shelters. Ms. Wiesblott was a member of the press and photographed the opening of Getty Center in Los Angeles and in 1999 she worked with pygmy mammoth specialist to document paleontological findings from the local Channel Islands. Ms Wiesblott has studied studio art and art history in Europe and Asia and completed a “round the world trip” beginning in Nepal. Her most recent trip abroad had her photographing quiet moments of little towns in the Czech Republic and Ireland. Ms. Wiesblott currently exhibits her photography and printmaking both in the US and internationally.

When she is not making art, you will find her planting flowers in her neighbor’s yard or feeding the local birds. Monica currently lives in Southern California with her husband and two spoiled cats.