Artist Statement


My work is a reflection of my dreams in various states of consciousness.

Images come to me like movies, unfolding information before me in an effort to reveal what needs to be recorded. My methods of image making are varied, but always involve a journey and an expression of the path taken.


My Process:

I work in etchings and linocuts, creating images that evoke mood, a dream or a long lost memory. The foundation of my etchings is my photography. I make non-toxic photopolymer intaglio plates with the use of the sun and water, and then ink and print them like traditional intaglio etchings on a flatbed press. Hand-mixing unique colors of ink for each of the images allows me to achieve an expression of tone that elicits the visceral response I desire. In my wiping and burnishing technique I select areas to expose more fully or shadow more deeply, drawing from my past darkroom practice of burning and dodging to create an end result that harkens back to the Tonalists of the late 19th century.


When working with battleship linoleum, my images come from family photographs, or collected snapshots. These images have a relatable nostalgia; sometimes an uncomfortable familiar quality, like a re-remembered moment. I draw these images directly onto the linoleum; often three times before I start carving in order to truly understand how the lines need to look. This allows me to connect with the image and reconstruct the moment in my mind. The seduction in creating these pieces comes from the details; the joy of carving the tiny dots to create a pattern in the fabric of a dress, or a shadow on the ground. I enjoy the process of meticulous detail, the ritual of repetition and purposeful patience.